Ways to Give

still-life-379858Contributions made to the Brimfield Historical Society & Kelso House Museum help us host interesting and interactive Educational Programs, Free Community-Wide Events, allow us to do unprecedented work with the Local Schools, and to be a Comprehensive Resource for Scholars and the General Community.

Your Special Donation or Gift may be placed “In Honor” or “In Memory” of an individual, and we will happily notify them (or their next of kin) of your donation at your request.

General Giving

Our General Giving form allows you to choose from a series of different funds to donate to (including an option to choose something new!). Below is some information on the funds and programs that we currently have set up.

School Arch

Brimfield Historical Society Student Scholarship Fund (BHSSSF)

The Brimfield Historical Society Student Scholarship Fund provides two scholarships to Seniors in High School interested in the field of local history. Applicants/interested individuals need to contact the Geography Department at Field High School.

Heritage Room
Renovation Project

The McCormick Heritage Room Renovation Project has replaced the old carpet, laid down new linoleum flooring in the kitchen, allowed for new lighting to be installed, and for the room to be repainted.

Program & Event

The Brimfield Community Program & Event Fund directs funds towards our educational programs, as well as our family-friendly events; including the Kelso Lyceum Series, the Holiday Gathering in December, the Kelso Kid’s Club, as well as the ability to have Classroom Speakers present at the local schools.

Click here for a printable General Donation Form to fill out and return to the Museum Office.

Item Donations

 If you currently have items that you believe are of historical significance, and wish to donate them to the Brimfield Historical Society & Kelso House Museum, we encourage you to call the Curator at (330) 673-1058; or send an email to curator@KelsoHouse.org.

The Museum requests that donations be given directly to the Curator or Museum Staff; so that the proper information can be gathered about the items. An Accessions Sheet will then be written up, and mailed to you within three to six weeks – this accessions sheet can then be used for tax purposes.

We kindly request that you do not place potential donations on the back porch of either the Kelso House or the Burgundy Saxe House. Please make an appointment with the Curator or other Museum Staff Members so the proper information can be gathered – even if you wish this to be an anonymous donation.


Engraved Brick Walkway Program

Kelso House_1275

Make your mark in the history or Brimfield with a lasting remembrance through the Kelso House Engraved Brick Walkway program. Your name or the name of a loved one, club or business, etched in a red brick, proclaims your interest in preserving the culture and history of a Western Reserve township that dates from 1816. The bricks line the sidewalk that lead to the elevator at the rear of the house or add to the landscaped area around the Brimfield School Arch and enhance the park-like atmosphere of the Kelso House grounds. All proceeds from brick sales go to the Brimfield Historical Society Endowment Fund, which recognizes the names of contributors. Make your choice between the two placements of the bricks, as well as, choose from the three levels of contribution.

Click here for a Brick-Walkway-Program. Return the form with your check to the Kelso House office to complete your order.

Akron Community Foundation Endowment Fund

easter egg huntIn 1981, the Board of Trustees voted to send receipts from special and memorial gifts and life membership dues to a special savings account to protect those dollars from being used to meet routine expenses. In 1996, the Board of Trustees turned to the Akron Community Foundation for investment advice. At that time, they voted to transfer the dollars held in the special savings into an Endowment Fund for management and development as a growing investment.

Thus, the agreement entered into with the Akron Community Foundation on March 11, 1996 established The Brimfield Historical Society Endowment Fund. The purpose of the foundation is the furtherance of the programs of the BHS to preserve local history and expand interest and knowledge of the past in this area. Contributions to ACF are professionally invested, tax-deductible, and may be designated as memorials or tributes to friends and family.

Naming opportunities for donations are available to honor your business, family member or friends as well as recognize your generosity and commitment to the Museum. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your interest in making a charitable, tax-deductible gift, or including the Kelso House Museum in your estate plans.

Click here for a printable ACF form to return to BHS.

Click here to access the ACF website to make an online credit card donation.

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